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Retaining employees - A success factor in the restructuring process

In the wake of the pandemic, companies are now struggling with many crises and challenges at once: the ongoing war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, the geopolitical tension between the USA and China and the escalating conflict in the Middle East. In many sectors, restructuring is the answer to the current overall economic climate.

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Managing the balancing act between climate protection and competitiveness

Germany’s economy is in crisis. After slipping into recession at the beginning of the year, it stagnated in the second quarter. Inflation has been dampening consumer sentiment, and other indicators also suggest that the economy is struggling significantly – with no improvement in sight anytime soon.

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Insights from the Sifted Summit, excel London

San Francisco or London? Where are the best engineers, the easiest access to capital, the most sophisticated marketing and payments system infrastructures? These are all the questions that companies and investors grapple with, and the answers aren’t straightforward……

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When deals are leaked – State of emergency for companies

While it may often provide a scoop for journalists, for companies it’s usually a horror scenario: Insiders divulge details of transactions before their scheduled release, and the media then broadcasts them to the world. At a corporate level, this can even cause a deal to collapse. Early preparation for such an emergency is the best defence to avoid this kind of fiasco.

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Who is responsible for keeping customers safe abroad?

The recent wildfires in Portugal and Greece have demonstrated that thanks to climate change holidays can be anything but relaxing. Greece is no longer the exception, for multiple years running we have seen the impact of climate in popular holiday destinations like Spain, Italy or California in the US. From a communications perspective this poses a new challenge to airlines and travel companies, which have always been expected to deal efficiently with unforeseen crisis, but now have an almost expected risk that they will need to make contingency plans around, but also maintain these commercially important routes open for tourists.

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