Life Sciences Industry Insights: UK Political Landscape


Research reveals that healthcare investment in the UK risks falling behind other countries.

On the precipice of the pharma industry entering formal Voluntary Pricing and Access Scheme (VPAS) negotiations with the UK Government, H/ Advisors Cicero have spoken to senior executives from across the health sector to understand their priorities and plans. More than 300 industry leaders and representatives from the NHS were surveyed as were equivalent audiences from across and the US and Ireland.

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Headlines from the research:

  • Health leaders say new investment is more likely in the US or Ireland
  • UK seen as less innovative compared to other English speaking nations
  • Most leaders in the sector say Brexit had a negative impact

Key statistics:

  • Only 20% of industry executives believe the UK is an “innovation friendly environment”
  • 86% of industry executives believe that increasing industry clinical trial activity in the UK is important or very important for the next Government
  • 61% of pharma executives believe that Brexit has had a negative impact on life sciences investment in the UK
  • Only 30% of the pharma executives surveyed are planning substantial R&D investment in the UK
  • 62% of pharma executives surveyed believe the Labour Party is most likely turn around declining investment in UK life sciences

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