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As part of our comprehensive strategic advisory, our Transformation and Change Taskforce, with experts from our global network, works with clients across sectors through structural and cultural change to deliver on their business objectives. As a facilitator of change, we enable dialogue between different stakeholders and organise the involvement of specific target groups in the change process, building excitement and momentum for transformations while minimising resistance across the organisation.

To showcase our expertise in guiding and supporting complex and disruptive changes, a panel of representatives from our international Transformation and Change Taskforce was invited to the 2023 Internal Communications Conference in Berlin. There, our colleagues from H/Advisors Deekeling Arndt and H/Advisors Maitland hosted a world café workshop with internal communications specialists, discussing the changing role of their function in the post-COVID world.

Crises and the Future of Work

Undeniably, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the world of work. In the space of a few months, we saw entire workforces move to remote work, and many companies were forced to make major changes to their operating models.

This seismic shift has put a spotlight on the importance of internal communications (IC). As organisations have grappled with the challenges of the pandemic, internal communicators have played a critical role in keeping employees informed, engaged, and productive.

During the world café, we reflected on what changes IC has undergone throughout the pandemic:

  • IC has become more strategic. In the past, it was often seen as a tactical function. However, the pandemic has shown that IC is essential for helping organisations navigate change.
  • With remote work becoming the norm, the shift to digital communication has been noticeably accelerated. This means that IC professionals need to be able to create and distribute content in a variety of digital channels.
  • Crucially, employees needed to be kept informed and engaged during times of uncertainty and change. As a result, IC needed to focus on creating content that is relevant to employees and that helps them understand the changes that are shaping their ‘new normal’.

While the COVID-crisis may be coming to an end, the next disruptions are already shaping the world. The future of work is therefore uncertain, but one thing is for sure, as our discussions in Berlin showed: the role of internal communications will continue to evolve.
Internal communicators are now being asked to do more than just provide information and support. They are being asked to help organisations shape the future of work, and to build a more engaged and motivated workforce. For this, they need to be strategic partners to both the C-Suite and HR – and actively take a seat at the table in orchestrating their organisations’ success.

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